Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Words to Live By

Hello there!
Today I'm going to talk to you about quotes and phrases that I love, five to be precise.
Now I am no interior decorator but I really enjoy putting things in my room that represent me and what I love. If someone saw the walls in my room, they may think that a five year old decorated it, but I really love the way I've placed things and I'm always switching and changing things.
 Above my dressing table, I have put a line of quotes, each with a different message to inspire me and motivate me everyday. I find it's really helpful, especially on days when I'm not feeling great, so here are the five quotes and phrases I live by:

                                                     Image result for ceci ne pas une pipe

I first came across these words by René Magritte in the book 'The Fault in Our Stars'. The message of it really intrigued me. The picture is of a pipe and under Magritte has written 'Ceci n'est pas une pipe' which translates from French as 'This is not a pipe'. The picture is of a pipe, but the thing itself is not a pipe, you can't hold it or smoke from it. It is just an image. I find this quote helps me in the real world where not everyone can be trusted and not everything is as it seems. A person may be pretending to be a friend but are they really? Sometimes it's all just smoke and mirrors.

                                                     Image result for yesterday is history tomorrow is a mystery

This quote I like to think of as my 'chin up' quote. Forget the past, look forward to the future, live in the present. There are days when I feel like absolute crap where I just have to remind myself to get up and move on. If we dwell on the past, how are we going to live today? And who knows how long our futures will be, so we must live our lives now, not in the past, not in the future but now.

                                            Image result for live the full life of the mind

I came across this quote on We Heart It and the words just seemed so pretty like jewels. The message also means a lot to me. I love to read and further my knowledge on things I'm interested and passionate about. I fear the thought of a day where I'm not broadening my mind on new things, not just in textbooks but in the world around me. This quote reminds me to open my mind to new ideas and to discover new things in my life.

                                                    Image result for we can complain because rose bushes

These words by Abraham Lincoln remind me to look on the bright side of things. It is very easy to complain about things and wallow in our own sorrow. In some situations, all you can do is look for the positives (i.e the roses) where as some people would focus on the negatives (i.e the thorns).

                                                   Image result for c'est la vie

There's something about the French language which really entices me. Everything sounds more romantic and beautiful in French. Not only do I love the song C'est La Vie by Bewitched, I also love the saying. Sometimes there are people you can't change or situations you can do nothing about and that's life! We've just got to let things happen and keep on pushing through.

Hope this post gave you some motivation or inspiration to think about your favourite quotes. Let me know which of the above is your favourite, I'd love to know.

Adios amigos,

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  1. I think this might be the post I go & read when every I'm feeling sad. I really loved all the messages behind the quotes :)


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