Friday, 6 March 2015

My Favourite Fashion and Makeup Looks

I feel like doing a bit of a different post today so I'm going to talk about what I like both fashion and makeup wise. Fashion and beauty is something I have an interest in, just not a passion. I feel like a lot of people will relate to so I hope you get a few ideas from this.

I think my friends would agree that collars are a big part of my wardrobe. I think a collar can add both cuteness and a touch of class to an outfit and completely transform what you're wearing. Here is just one way I like to wear my collars:

       My Fashion
Skater Dresses
Now this is something I love to wear if I want to feel a bit girly. In Ireland, it's hard to go out in one of these unless you lair it with other items of clothing as it's so cold here most of the year. So when I do wear a skater dress, I usually lair it with tights, a pair of boots and a big oversized cardigan, like this:

                                                My Fashion
Crop Tops
This piece of clothing is something I wouldn't wear on a daily basis, but when going out I always gravitate towards them. I love the way a crop top can emphasize the smallest part of your torso while skimming over the more curvilicious parts, if you know what I mean. I love to wear a crop top with a fun print, and then either high waisted jeans or black disco pants to go with it. This is one of my typical 'going out' outfits:

                                                        My Fashion

Red Lips
Onto makeup, and starting with another statement that I love to wear, a red lip. I think red lips can turn your makeup from 'meh' to magic. When I wear a red lipstick I feel so classy and sophisticated. Basically it makes me feel good inside and out. I especially like wearing a red lip with likttle to nothing else on my face, just the bare essentials, like this:

                                                   Image result for red lip
Nude Eyes:
My love for nude eye shadow came about when I got the Naked palette for my birthday from my lovely friends. Although some of the colours are a bit daring, every shadow in the palette can be made wearable which is what I love about it. My favourite combination is to put one of the shimmery colours like 'Sin' all over the eyelid and then put 'Buck' in the crease, simple but effective. Here is a picture of the Naked palette:
                                           Image result for naked palette   
So there you have it, some of my favourite fashion and makeup items. Hope you enjoyed this different style post.

Adios Amigos,


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