Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Hello there!
So, I know some of you are probably in exam years and as I'm sure you're aware the mocks are around the corner. But never fear, today I'm going to give you some tips and tricks that I've learnt on how to de-stress when studying for exams. I know this sort of post is pretty common, but I thought I'd give you my opinion anyway. So get ready to relax and totally forget about exams for a couple of minutes. (Better exam results not guaranteed!)

Take a Bath- This is the number one thing I like to do if I feel I need a bit of relaxation time. (I like to put in a pretty bath bomb to make it look all tumblresque.) Not only will it calm you down, but it'll release tension from any sore muscles if you've been exercising.

Read a Book- Just taking five minutes away from the text book to read an enjoyable book can really take your mind off school. If you want to go all out, take your book into the bath with you, just be prepared to deal with the struggle of trying to not get it wet!

Go for a Short Walk- I know its sounds like a lot of effort, but trust me, whenever I went out for a walk, even just to the top of the road, I felt so refreshed and totally de-stressed, and I'm not exactly one to go out for walks on cold winter evenings.

Check up on Social Media- Now this one comes with precautions. I am well known to get caught up with social media (especially youtube) and five minutes can turn into an hour, so spend your relaxation time wisely. If you want to go on your phone, use it productively and look up inspirational quotes and pretty pictures on tumblr or we heart it, and it may help give you the heart to go on.

Play Your Favourite Sport- I know this is kind of hard when it gets dark so early, but when its bright out, go outside and play your favourite sport. I know this isn't to everyone's taste, but some evenings the only thing I wanted to do was take my stress out on a ball and hit it as hard as I could against a wall. (Watch the windows or your mammy's will be giving out.)

Have a Cup of Tea (or drink of choice)- Sometimes the only thing that will do is a warm cup of your favourite drink, tea in my case. Something about the warmth of a good cup of tea just makes me feel all better, even if it is just for a few minutes. Its the quickest form of stress relief in my opinion.

Listen to Music- Some days when I was really stressed out over exams, I would go to my room shut the door, put on my favourite music and forget about the world. Sometimes this would involve lying down and just enjoying the song or sometimes dancing around my room like someone on crack. Either way this always made me feel better. I have a playlist on Spotify entitled 'Happy Songs', and I often have this playing around the house (and sometimes singing along in the shower.)

Do Something Creative- Again, I know this mightn't be everyone's cup of tea ( it certainly isn't mine) but maybe you could turn relaxation time into productive time and do something creative. Whether its making a scrapbook or making some cupcakes, you might like to keep yourself busy so you don't feel relaxation time turns into lazy time. 

Now that I have given you all my relaxation tips and remedies, I hope you put them to good use, and remember, exams are just a small chapter in your book of life (cheesy much?) Don't freak out to much because there will always be better things waiting when they're finished, trust me.

Adios amigos,

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