Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Music All Around Me

Hello there!
Today I want to talk to you about music. To be more specific, my music. The music that feeds me every day and makes me want to carry on. As I'm a bit of a fiend for a good list, I think I'll do this artist(s) by artist. So, here are my favourite artists,bands,tunes etc. Hope you enjoy.

Ed Sheeran
Ah, good old Ed. Where to start? Well, I first heard Ed the way everyone heard him, on the radio, playing The A Team. This is a fact I don't like to share too much as I like to think of myself as more of a fan than someone who just 'heard him on the radio and decided I liked him'. From then on I was obsessed. I downloaded +, learned every song off by heart, listened to it most days and cherished it as if it were my own. I started to learn more about Ed himself as well, and soon found all his EP's on Spotify. The wait for x was a hard one but when it came out, I exploded (metaphorically, thank goodness) with joy. I repeated the same routine as I did with +, and now x can be counted as one of the best albums ever (in my opinion).

The Coronas
I like to think of The Coronas as my little secret. Sure, they are big in Ireland, but outside of our wee country they aren't widely known. Again, as with Ed, I had heard The Coronas on the radio and liked what I heard. My love for them really kicked off though when my auntie gave me their  third album 'Closer to You' for my birthday along with two tickets to see them live. I listened to the album on repeat, determined to know all the songs for the concert because I hate not being able to sing along. Myself and two of my friends went to the concert and it was amazing. One because we got quite close to the stage and two because they were so so good. After that concert, I downloaded the first two albums and became full on obsessed. I was lucky enough this past summer to see them twice, and as always they were beyond beautiful. Their fourth album was released this past November and I love it to death. If I had just broke up with someone this would be a perfect album to listen to. I'm going to see them again this February and I am super excited, especially because I'm going with my best friend. I already know it'll be one of the best nights of my year.

Hozier is one of my newest discoveries. I only started properly listening to him at the end of last year and I am so glad I did. His voice is just so haunting and I love it. Its amazing how quickly an artist can emerge onto the scene and break not only Ireland but the whole world! I will admit I haven't listened to his album enough yet, but from what I have heard, I've loved. 'From Eden' is definitely the highlight of the album for me. It makes me happy. Simple as. I'm making a mental note to listen to the full album so I can further my knowledge on his music.

Snow Patrol
For me this band is something I associate with my early teens. I had obviously heard Chasing Cars and like everyone else, became intoxicated by it. I then went on to download their second most recent album 'Fallen Empires'. I always had it playing in the back round in my room and the song 'Called Out in the Dark' is still one of my favourite songs to this day. I'm sad to say I've kind of lost interest in the band as of late but I plan on listening to the latest album in the near future.

Walking on Cars
I came across this band in a stranger way than the rest of my favourites mentioned above. I was at a Coronas concert with my friend this previous summer. The supporting act were Walking on Cars but I hadn't heard of them before then. They were really good. Good enough for me to look them up when I got home and to download their songs. They have yet to release their first album but I am ready and waiting. I'm going to see them next February when they support The Coronas again. My favourite song of theirs has to be 'Tick Tock' and I have a feeling it will be made a single soon. Watch this space.

My Favourite Songs
All of these are songs that I absolutely love but felt I couldn't put the artist above as I am not an absolute die hard fan and wouldn't know enough to talk about.

  • 'July'- Mundy
  • 'Mr.Brightside'- The Killers
  • 'Fantasy'- The Blizzards
  • 'Teenage Dirtbag'- Wheatus
  • 'Tongue Tied'- Grouplove
  • 'Yellow'- Coldplay 
  • 'Loser'-Beck
  • 'Stolen Dance'-Milky Chance
  • 'Pencil Full of Lead'-Paolo Nutini
  • 'Radio'-The Kanyu Tree
So that's it! I hope I haven't forgotten anyone or anything, but for now, this is my music. I hope you enjoyed and got to know a bit more about my musical tastes and what I'm into.

Adios amigos,

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